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Amna Shiekh

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Independent artist Amna Shiekh is the sole owner, creator, and designer for arcanaAg. Originally from San Francisco, Amna now lives next to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, where she continues to enjoy her love for the outdoors with rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking any of the hundreds of wilderness trails near her home.

arcanaAg is a product of Amna's love for distressed and minimalist design, combined with her dedication to create safe and eco-friendly jewelry using recycled metals and age-old silversmithing techniques.

Amna doesn't use any harmful chemicals in the creation of her pieces. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, nothing toxic. She hates toxic chemicals and NEVER uses them.

Amna makes every piece you see in this shop with her own hands. No two pieces are the same, since she does not use any molds. Everything is hammered, sawed, drilled, filed, melted, and twisted by hand.

Amna loves crafting personalized, meaningful pieces meant to be cherished forever.