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large aquamarine briolette wrapped in recycled sterling silver
"Arctic” Featuring a breathtaking, natural aquamarine gemstone in the most beautiful shade that reminds me of the fresh arctic sea, wire wrapped with 100% recycled pure silver, in briolette style. A large pure silver circle connects the natural gemstone to an oxidized sterling silver chain.

This large, semi-translucent gemstone is cut in onion briolette form with perfectly cut facets. The aquamarine has a pretty inner glow, and measures about 0.6" in width. The solid sterling silver chain measures just over 20" in length, and is closed by an infinity S clasp made from pure silver. I oxidized the chain and left the wrapped portion unoxidized for an interesting contrast. Ready to ship.

large aquamarine briolette wrapped in recycled sterling silver
Handmade by Amna. No two pieces are the same.

I hate toxic chemicals. So I don't use any. Ever. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, no harmful abrasives, nothing toxic. My jewelery is safe to wear, and crafted with the environment in mind.