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pure silver mens ring with three sapphires
"Blizzard” A distressed solid pure silver (.999) ring that has been oxidized for a dark finish, highly textured, somewhat uneven. Three 2mm blue sapphires (lab) are flush set into this thick band. This burly ring has a width measuring roughly 10mm. Crafted using 100% eco-friendly recycled silver.

This rugged fine silver ring is fused together with heat alone. Three deep blue sapphires have been hand-set into the band, slightly offset from one another. Patina does naturally wear off over time, but will remain in the recesses of the texture, increasing the unique beauty of the ring as it continues to be worn. I brushed off some of the patina to achieve a more grayish finish.

pure silver mens ring with three sapphires
Handmade by Amna. No two pieces are the same.

I hate toxic chemicals. So I don't use any. Ever. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, no harmful abrasives, nothing toxic. My jewelery is safe to wear, and crafted with the environment in mind.