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Exotic Muse

natural alexandrites on sterling silver chain
"Exotic Muse” Super minimal, understated. Ten genuine gorgeous alexandrites adorn the daintiest sterling silver chain I offer. These rare and precious gemstones have a very subtle color-changing effect, and this necklace has ten of them!

These tiny, faceted gems measure just under 1/2" across, and are suspended on a solid sterling silver chain that is about 15" in length. This necklace is meant to be worn close to your neck, so please make sure that 15" will be a good fit for you. These natural alexandrites appear greenish-blue in daylight and appear purple-ish under candlelight.

natural alexandrites on sterling silver chain
Handmade by Amna. No two pieces are the same.

I hate toxic chemicals. So I don't use any. Ever. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, no harmful abrasives, nothing toxic. My jewelery is safe to wear, and crafted with the environment in mind.