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Heart of Rose Gold

solid 14kt rose gold heart necklace
"Heart of Rose Gold” A solid 14kt rose gold heart suspended on a solid 14kt rose gold chain. The heart shape has a distressed cut for a more organic, unique look. The rose gold pendant is 100% recycled.

This tiny distressed heart measures a little over 1/4" and is completely hand-cut. Shiny smooth gold on one side, and a textured matte finish on the other side. The 14kt pink gold chain measures 16" in length. A pure silver jumpring connects the dainty pendant to the chain. No two pendants are exactly the same due to them being handcrafted by me, but yours will look similar to the one pictured.

solid 14kt rose gold heart necklace
Handmade by Amna. No two pieces are the same.

I hate toxic chemicals. So I don't use any. Ever. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, no harmful abrasives, nothing toxic. My jewelery is safe to wear, and crafted with the environment in mind.