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wide cuff bracelet pure silver
"Monsoon” Pure silver cuff, distressed and hammered, with patina. 2" width. Made from pure .999 silver that is 100% recycled.

This cuff bracelet is more like a canvas. Swirls of chaos try to fail at patternation. The inside of the cuff reflects the inside of an abalone shell. The muted texture, the consequent smoothness that is likened to pearly silk or calm ocean waters. The chaotic hammering on the other side captures lost voices at sea - waves of near rhythmic crescendo, sounds that dance toward some semblance of a cadence. Just when you think you have it, it all falls apart - chaos ensues. The waves crash to the ground and the sounds either run around in a frenzy or disappear altogether. Light bounces off the tiniest scuffs, making you wonder at times if the bracelet isn't luminescent. If chaos could be painted on a canvas, this would be it.

wide cuff bracelet pure silver
Handmade by Amna. No two pieces are the same.

I hate toxic chemicals. So I don't use any. Ever. No flux, no borax, no liver of sulphur, no caustic sulfides, no harmful abrasives, nothing toxic. My jewelery is safe to wear, and crafted with the environment in mind.